• we need each other

    Because building a great company takes a village.


    Quality > Quantity

    Each spring we recruit, review, and select high-quality leaders of innovative, high-growth-potential startups with activated ventures in market.

    The Retreat

    Unique Experiences + Candor

    The Collective kicks-off with a 3-day summer retreat to focus on exchanging best practices, building connections and lowering barriers. The retreat is lightly structured and heavy on candid conversations about what it takes to lead a company and unlock growth. The retreat expands every year with alumni returning to connect with the new cohorts. Experience the retreat here.

    Monthly Check-In

    Accountability + Connection

    After the retreat cohorts gather for monthly accountability check-ins which include status updates, a deep dive on a featured venture, and themed discussions around a universal need (sales, marketing, ops, talent, product, capital, etc.)

    FIR's + Experts

    Guidance and Mentorship

    A key element to SC is surrounding participating leaders with the resources and people they need to unlock growth and build great companies. Seasoned, been-there-done-that leaders (Founders in Residence), executives, and industry experts are pulled into the retreat and monthly check-in's to offer support and elevate the discussions around leadership and key challenges.


    You get out what you put in

    To maintain quality and consistency of the check-ins and the retreat, attendance is a requirement. We know life happens, especially when growing a company, however no more than two check-in absences are permitted during this 12 month period. The summer retreat is mandatory.


    Giving back... to move forward

    StartupAZ's mission to help young companies grow AND give back is a core value of this initiative. While The Collective is made possible by the support of community partners and at no cost to participants, StartupAZ recommends and hopes that participating Founders/CEO's sign on to The Generosity Pledge and continue to build generosity into the DNA of our startup community.

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