• what is the collective?

    StartupAZ Collective is StartupAZ Foundation’s signature initiative designed to increase the performance and growth of the region’s highest potential startup companies. It's where entrepreneurs combine their talent, network, and resources to help each other achieve milestones and create a lasting impact on the community. After being accepted to the Collective, leaders make a one-year commitment kicked-off with a 3-day summer retreat, followed by a monthly Accountability Check-ins with their cohort. The retreat and check-ins are elevated by our Founders in Residence (seasoned startup leaders like Clate Mask, Heidi Jannenga, Brad & Jack Selby, Brenda Schmidt, and Gregg Scoresby, to name a few) and built on candor and trust to help keep leaders accountable for their performance while swarming around individual leadership challenges and opportunities.

    Cohorts become hubs of high-performance accountability; magnets for attracting growth capital, top talent, and the other essential ingredients for building great companies.

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